Formed in 2008, Chase The Ace Records existed for one reason only – to put out music that we love in formats that we though were cool. Whilst the rest of the music industry was in meltdown and bemoaning the lack of sales, not getting their heads around digital downloads, whilst shops were giving more and more space to games, DVDs and non music items, whilst others were closing down their labels, we decided to do the unthinkable and START a label!

First Release – Cock Sparrer “England Belongs To Me”- Sold Out in 3 days

With our network of traders, punk festivals, mates and fans we were able to sell our records DIRECT to the people that mattered – the fans. The major stores wouldn’t touch such a bespoke label, the major magazines would never review our releases – but do you know what? Fuck ’em – we didn’t need them. Without anyone to answer to except ourselves, we could bick the industry ways and do it on our terms.

We realised that people haven’t stopped liking music – they’re just consuming it slightly differently

Our first 5 releases sold out almost immediately. We knew there were enough people like us in the world that would pick up such a cool release. We didn’t do it on the cheap either! These were expensive for a 7″ single but they were done with the utmost attention. Remastered audio, Picture Disc Heavy Vinyl, Thick Card Die Cut Sleeve, Hand Numbered and Shrink wrapped. And they sold – so much for the “experts” telling us that the music industry is in a state. Their industry might be but the punks, skins and herberts that we know all still go to gigs, buy vinyl, CDs and box sets and whilst that’s the case we’ll continue to bring you things we think are cool!